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“In each mutual grin and chuckling; In each quiet petition replied; In each open door that comes your direction – may Allah favor you hugely! Eid Mubarak”

“May Allah bring you euphoria, joy, harmony, and thriving on this favored event. Wishing you and your fam event of Eid! Eid Mubarak!”

“May Allah flood your existence with satisfaction on this event, your heart with adoration, your spirit with otherworldly, your psyche with shrewdness, wishing you an exceptionally Happy Eid.”

“May the enchantment of this Eid get heaps of bliss your life and may you commend it with all your dear companions and may it fill your heart with marvels. Eid Mubarak”

“May Allah’s gifts be with you today, tomorrow and dependably. Eid Mubarak!”

“May this uncommon day bring harmony, satisfaction, and flourishing to everybody. Eid Mubarak!”

“May the enchantment of this Eid get heaps of joy your life and may you praise it with all your dear companions and may it fill your heart with miracles. Eid Mubarak”

“Today I implore that-Happiness be at your entryway, may it thump early, remain late and leave the endowment of Allah’s Peace, love, delight and great wellbeing behind” The heavenly month of Ramadan was praised with commitment. Presently it’s the ideal opportunity for Eid. On the event of Eid-ul-Fitr, my all the best to all.” – Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi

“On the favorable event of Eid-ul-Fitr, I stretch out welcome and great wishes to all my kindred natives, especially my Muslim siblings and sisters, in India and abroad,”- Indian President Pranab Mukherjee

“May this Eid bring Fun; Eid bring Happiness, Eid brings God’s unlimited gifts, Eid brings new love… Eid MUBARAK to you and your family”

“At the point when my arms can’t contact individuals near my heart, I generally embrace them with my petitions. May Allah’s tranquility be with you. An extremely Happy Eid Mubarak to you”

“Wish you and your family the endowments of Allah, the thoughtfulness of “When moon of Eid emerges it makes we all so upbeat and energized. May the majority of your occasions be brimming with such diverting fervor and joy. Glad Eid Day!”

“Eid is a brilliant and decent day to Pray, Care, Love, Smile and Celebrate with each other and to say thanks to Allah for giving us this great day. Eid Mubarak!”No shadows to discourage you. Just delights to encompass you. Allah himself to favor you. These are my desires for you. Today tomorrow and consistently… Eid Mubarak!”

“Eid days are intended to commend the objectives and the accomplishments that make you most joyful. The beliefs you put stock in, the fantasy you adore the best. Eid Mubarak!”

“Give every one of your deterrents a chance to evaporate in only a small amount of second. Glad Eid!”

Messages from the heavenly Quran:

“On the off chance that they look for harmony, at that point look for you harmony. Also, trust in God for He is the One that heareth and knoweth all things.” – [Quran 8:61]

“Hold to absolution, order what is correct; yet get some distance from the “Have tolerance with what they state, and leave them with respectable (poise).” [73:10]

“The individuals who accepted and had an honest existence are the best animals.” [98:7]

“Allah never shows signs of change the state of individuals except if they endeavor to change themselves” [Quran, 13.11]

“What’s more, the workers of Allah … are the individuals who strolled on the earth in lowliness, and when the insensible location them, they state ‘Harmony'” [25:63]

“O You who accept! Enter completely into harmony [Islam]. Try not to follow in the strides of Satan. He is an inside and out foe to you.” [Quran, 2, 208]

“The taking of one blameless life resembles taking all of humankind… and the sparing of one life resembles sparing all of humanity.” [Quran, 5:33]

“Whoever murders another without legitimate reason, most likely he is slaughtering all of mankind. What’s more, whoever spares the life of another, definitely he spares the lives of all of humankind.” [Sura Al Ma’aidah: Ayah 32]

“Allah is with the individuals who control themselves.” [16: 128]

“Have persistence with what they state, and leaves them with respectable (poise).” [73:10]

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